By Liberty Bugs

Velvet Nails

You will totally fall for these nails. They are just so shiny, like having the whole galaxy on your nails!

How to make this? Well, that is easy.

Step 1. Prep Nails

This step is always essential before any manicures. Trim, file, buff nails and clean with the alcohol pads. This is good for adhesion.

Step 2. Base Coat

Thin base gel on nails. It can not only help the gel adhere to your nails better, but protect your natural nails. And don’t forget to cap the free edge. Cure for 60s.

Step 3.Cat Eye Gel

Apply proper cat eye gel on your nails. Don’t CURE! Or you will miss the fun. After you apply the cat eye gel, use a magnet to get your desired cat eye effect. And once you are satisfied, cure immediately for 60s. And that is the same when you use cat eye gel to do some nail art work.

Step 4. Top Coat

Seal your masterpiece with a thin top coat and cure for 60s. Then you can keep your beautiful mani art for 21+ days.