Our Story


We know there are so many gel polish brands out right there, but we are the ones who truly wanna bring you pleasure and safety via manicures. So if you ever feel like needing a time and place to chill out and be yourself, welcome to Liberty Bugs.



We build up a nail amusement park for ya, a place that can privately belong to you. Our rides are ready, just waiting for you to come and dig for the mani treasures. And we will keep building it, making more nail product options for you, or we may say endless options for you.



When you come to us, remember to put on your favorite songs. Because you will find Liberty Bugs is such a relaxing place to stay. You may easily lose track of time when scrolling through our products. No worries, just take your time. We know we are attractive, and you would love to stick with us. Just take your own pace and pick whatever you want to your cart, because our products are always beyond their prices.



Yeah, now is the time for you to take a chill break from reality. A time to walk towards happiness and play with fun! Find yourself the most comfortable place to stay, and place all the mani products you have on the table. You know, rules are nonexistent in Liberty Bugs. Just follow your heart and make your nail masterpieces. Believe us, you are born with the talent of creativity.



And we hope you can concentrate on yourself and stay curious just like we do, for there are more wonderful possibilities around. Don't ever restrict yourself, but liberate yourself. You want to cherish the memory of the past, or you are looking forward to a mysterious future, just go for it! What a great way to find your chillest self! Happiness is more than anything in the world.



Where to meet the best of you and spend quality time with yourself? The answer is Liberty Bugs. We provide you with products in all ranges and in the trendiest colors. And more mani fun and surprises await you. Come and refresh your life here.