By Liberty Bugs

Chameleon Nails

Chameleon nails are fascinating. And this video is one of the ways to make chameleon nails. What is that mean? We are saying that we have 4 ways to play with this chameleon gel polish. And it depends on you whether you want the base color to be transparent color, black color, same shade or different shades. You will find it enjoyable to see the colors of your nails slightly change due to different angles. And more surprises await you when you are using different shades. Come and find out!

Step 1. Prep Nails

Remember to prep nails before manicures. Trim, file, buff nails. And clean with the alcohol pads. This prep work can help the gel polish better adhere to your nails.

Step 2. Base Coat

Base gel can not only help better adhesion, but also protect your natural nails. Thin layer of it will be alright. And don’t forget to cap the free edge, that is extremely important in every coating. And cure for 60s. You may find the surface a little tacky, but it is normal. You'd better not touch it.

Step 3. Black Color Coat

In the tutorial video, we are using the black color gel polish as the base color. So you can see clearly what’s happening to your nails. But you are free to choose other colors as base colors. After applying proper black color gel polish to nails, cure for 60s.

Step 4. Chameleon Gel Polish

Simply apply the chameleon gel polish on your nails. That’s what we do. And you will find the glitters start to land on your nails. Cure for 60s.

Step 5. Nail Art

Except for the heart shapes, you can use gel polish to draw the other patterns on your nails. You have to believe that you are born with the power of creativity. Then cure your work for 60s as usual.

Step 6. Top Coat

It helps your masterpiece last longer. Thin layer of it will do. After curing under the nail lamp, you can enjoy watching your nails from different angles. What amazing nails you just create!