By Liberty Bugs

Metallic Nails

If you are looking for great nails perfect for parties, these metallic nails are what you should go for.

Step 1. Prep Nails

Make sure you start prep with these steps, trim, file, buff nails and clean with the alcohol pads. Now you can say you are ready for the manicures.

Step 2. Base Coat

Next is the base gel. Thin base gel on nails and the edges, cure for 30s. A little of it can help your manicures go a long way.

Step 3. Silver Metallic Gel

Apply proper silvery metallic gel on your nails. Don’t CURE! And allow the gel polish to self level for 30-40s first. Then cure it for 60s.

Please note that this step is necessary before you apply any other metallic gel.

Step 4. Decoration Sealing Gel

What's coming next is applying thin decoraction sealing gel and cure for 90-120s. It can make your work look much better. Don't skip this step!

Step 5. Your Fave Metallic Gel

Last but not least, apply golden metallic gel or the other metallic gel you like. Then cure for 30s. You can repeat this step 1-2 times.

Step 6. Top Coat

End up with a thin top coat and cure for 60s. That's how you have these amazing metallic nails for a longer time.